Our Projects - Start to Finish

Occasionally we like to document our efforts and show you, step by step, what goes into the restoration process. Below is a sampling of projects that we've photographed throughout the restoration and explained what's done as each piece is brought back to life.

Cattleman's leather armchair
This a late 19th century diamond tufted leather arm chair.  The leather was ruined,  the frame one arm were broken in several places.  The legs have a cloven hove carving and one of these was broken half away and the part missing.

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Grandfather's Rocking Chair

This was a primitve country rocker circa late 19th century.  It was upholstered when we first received it and broken or seperated on almost every joint.  When we began to remove the upholstery we discovered that the rocker had originaly been caned.  Our original plan was to reupholster the rocker after repairing and refinshing the frame with a cherry stain and tung oil finish. The client decide to go original and have it recaned and that is the final result.

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Video Projects

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I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for helping restore the toy box for my mother ... She loved the outcome and was very pleased.

- T. Rascoe