Our Projects - Start to Finish

Occasionally we like to document our efforts and show you, step by step, what goes into the restoration process. Below is a sampling of projects that we've photographed throughout the restoration and explained what's done as each piece is brought back to life.

Early 20th Century Crank Handle Wall Phone

This was an early 20th century hand crank wall phone in oak cabinet.  This phone had been converted years earlier with an internal rotary dial phone.  With dialtone you could in fact place a call with it.

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Merklen Victorian Era Plant Stand with Barley Twist Uprights

This stand was manufactured by the Merklen Brothers of NYC between 1879 and 1897 a firm well know for their signature spiral furniture. This is a highly decorative Victorian era plant stand with splayed legs, finials on all levels, reverse rail on top shelf and bronzed ball and claw feet.  This unit was literally falling apart.  Glued together originaly with hide glue it had been stored in a damp basement and the glue had broken down.  The only structural breaks were the splayed legs.  They were all broken and had been very badly reaatched at some point.

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Handmade Mahogany Tacklebox

This project was a handmade tacklebox handed down from grandfather to grandson.  Structurally sound the finish was in bad shape.  The craftsmanship and brasswork were all of good quality but for some reason the handle was a really cheap pressed plastic handle.  The client asked me to craft something unique with an outdoor flair.

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Video Projects

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Cleaning an Original Finish

Richard restored an early 20th century pembroke table that had been in our basement for 20+ years. The table was in poor condition but Richard has restored it to being a beautiful piece of furniture. We are extremely pleased with the restoration and highly recommend Wooden Restorations. We plan to have additional furniture restored. Richard is extremely talented and knowledgable and very pleasant to work with.

- Jim M.