Our Projects - Start to Finish

Occasionally we like to document our efforts and show you, step by step, what goes into the restoration process. Below is a sampling of projects that we've photographed throughout the restoration and explained what's done as each piece is brought back to life.

19th Century Oak Rocker with Griffins

This is a late 19th century quarter sawn oak rocker with carved griffins.

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1942 Firestone Air Chief radio

Here's another project that might interest some, a 1942 Firestone Air Chief radio "The Cavalcade" model.

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Victorian era walnut dresser with original hardware and marble top

This is the most thorough photo documentation of a project I have undertaken to date. Although this project does not entail any greater degree of effort than most I wanted to use it as an opportunity to demonstrate the degree of effort required.  Most of my clients simply do not understand the level of effort and long littany of steps involved in a proper restoration effort.

So keeping that in mind I have documented every single process undertaken to bring this piece back to life.  This project was done using a conservation approach in order to maintain as much of the original finish of the piece as possible. I hope you enjoy it, that your patience and interests has you review the entire photo set, and that it helps the viewer to understand what it takes to do what we do.

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Just wanted to say “thank you” again for your work on my niece’s hope chest.  My wife and I delivered it last night.  My niece was teary eyed when we uncovered it in her just purchased new home.  She was overwhelmed when she saw the before and after pictures.  You truly are a great craftsman.   

Kindest regards,

Rick K.

- Satisfied Customer