Our Projects - Cattleman's leather armchair

This a late 19th century diamond tufted leather arm chair.  The leather was ruined,  the frame one arm were broken in several places.  The legs have a cloven hove carving and one of these was broken half away and the part missing.

This project we called it the Cattle Baron's chair.  Oak frame with diamond tufted leather uphostery.  The frame was broken in several places and loose all over.  In addition this chair had carved cloven hoof front legs one of which was broken and the piece missing.

This image shows the overall condition of the chair and repairs to the frame.

Additonal repairs to the frame.

Removing the upholstery from the back of the chair.

This image shows the upholster condition specifcally here the front panel of the seat back.  The original leather is retained as a template for the upholsterer.

This image shows the seat bottom itself, note the repairs to the seat back frame.

More repairs to the chair backs frame.

Here we can see if you look carefully a repair to the arm.  It was sheared off at the upright and split.  This image also shows the original finish which was removed once all the repairs had been completed.

The front of this carved cloven hoof front foot was sheared off and lost.  All patch was attached and then shaped to match the missing original.

Here is the completed frame.  Repaired, stripped, stained with an antique oak aniline dye and finished with a satin lacquer.

The top of the back rest showing the handsome tufted leather and chair crown.

The completed chair!  Well done if I don't say so myself.

Just wanted to share with you. The rocker was a big hit...My wife had tears... accept my sincere thanks for a job well done sir!

- J. Latta