Our Projects - 1942 Firestone Air Chief radio

Here's another project that might interest some, a 1942 Firestone Air Chief radio "The Cavalcade" model.

Radio removed from cabinet.

Internal antenna.

Painted glass radio dial

Front of the radio as received from the client.

Veneer damage caused by storage in damp conditions.

Cover panel for speaker removed.

Reattaching repaired base frame.

Reattachment of loose veneer on side panel.

Opposite end of veneer panel patch.

Additonal work on base and side panel

First layer of veneer patch to mixing section.

Second layer of veneer panel patch.

Original finish removed.

The speaker panel with fabric removed.

Replacement fabric installed.

Lacquer finish applied and speaker panel reinstalled.

Before and after cleaning of knobs.

Push button panel cover cleaned and polished.

Before and after push button tuner cleaning.

Painted tuning faceplate cleaned.

Interior components reinstalled.

Side view of completed cabinet.

Original adverisement for the radio, purchased price $69.95!

Richard restored an early 20th century pembroke table that had been in our basement for 20+ years. The table was in poor condition but Richard has restored it to being a beautiful piece of furniture. We are extremely pleased with the restoration and highly recommend Wooden Restorations. We plan to have additional furniture restored. Richard is extremely talented and knowledgable and very pleasant to work with.

- Jim M.